Abraham Path Initiative
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The purpose of the Abraham Path Initiative is to inspire hope for humanity.

Our mission is to ‘dust off the footsteps’ of an ancient journey made by Abraham, a man known as “the Friend”, who is remembered for his legendary welcome and kindness toward strangers, a tradition alive to this day in the Middle East and across the world. This ancient journey is a thread that binds humanity together, and a tangible reminder that no matter what divides us, what unites us is far, far greater.

We are cultivating a cultural route that celebrates this legendary journey. We believe that a cultural route is a space where people can encounter the unifying power of stories, walking, and hospitality.

What We Do:

Incubate projects and ideas that shed a different light on the Middle East and to connect the rest of the world to the region.

Invest in human encounters, education and storytelling projects

Coordinate and support a network of educational institutions and international partners that engage cultural memory along the Abraham Path route