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The Abraham Path is a long-distance walking trail across the Middle East. The path retraces the journey of Abraham, the legendary ancestor of over half of humanity, who is known for his hospitality and kindness toward strangers.
The Abraham Path Initiative (API) is an international organization cultivating the development of the path along with local and international partner organizations. The initiative is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Abraham Path Initiative is to support local partners in developing the Abraham Path as:

A catalyst for socioeconomic development and sustainable tourism

A place of connection between people from the Middle East and people around the world

A creative space for stories that highlight the unique culture, heritage and hospitality of the region


The purpose of the Abraham Path is to inspire understanding, prosperity, and hope for humanity.


By inviting us to participate in a grand adventure: to walk together in the cradle of civilization, to meet people from different cultures and traditions, to learn something new about ourselves, others and the world, and to serve the larger community.

Our Values

  • We value the human, cultural and natural beauty of the Middle East as a story largely untold and worth sharing.
  • We value the humble act of walking from community to community, which inspires new encounters, new stories and new generosity by travelers and hosts.
  • We value adventure, exploration and journeying into the unknown in the spirit of Abraham as a vehicle for personal reflection and growth.
  • We value appreciation for the natural world, which inspires local and global communities to care for the environment for future generations.
  • We value the power of stories, walking and hospitality, which can connect the Middle East and travelers from around the world to form transformational friendships.
  • We value the path as a non-profit, non-religious and non-political project that affirms the human rights and dignity of all peoples.
  • We value both the similarities and differences in the stories of Abraham as recounted by each faith and local lore, and recognize the various narratives in scriptural and non-scriptural traditions.
  • We value the principle that the path is not used for exclusive assertions about Abraham, or to advance any political or territorial agenda.