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The Abraham Path is a cultural route that celebrates a journey made 4,000 years ago. The path highlights the cultural footsteps of Abraham/Ibrahim in all their forms, and serves as a global platform for experiential education in the Middle East. The path is a symbol of hope. It is a place of hospitality, meeting and human encounters. At present, the route is safely accessible for walking and community-based tourism in some areas and in others it is accessible through a virtual path: www.abrahampath.org.

The Abraham Path Initiative is an organization that incubate projects and ideas that shed a different light on the Middle East and to connect the rest of the world to the region. The Initiative invest in human encounters, education and storytelling projects. It coordinates and support a network of educational institutions and international partners that engage cultural memory along the Abraham Path route. The Initiative is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization: www.abrahampathinitiative.org


Recruitment of Development Talent

Driven by its vision to scale up its operations and reinforce the sustainability of the project, the Abraham Path Initiative is looking for development talent at all levels to implement the Initiative’s fundraising efforts worldwide. We’re seeking people who are passionate about the mission of the Abraham Path, and can oversee solicitation and engagement strategies for major individual donors, as well as foundations and institutions. We work with a variety of funders, from niche foundations with family-based boards of trustees, to major international development institutions funded by national governments. Thus, experience with a wide range of funders is ideal, but willingness to learn and to try things outside your personal expertise is essential.

The Abraham Path Initiative employs and engages staff, consultants and volunteers across four continents and relies heavily on virtual communication systems in addition to in-person meetings in the US, South America, Europe and the Middle East. We’re looking for people who can manage teams across time zones, communicate effectively to several different audiences, and take charge in developing systems that keep our team organized and on task.

We are accepting applications from fundraising professionals on a rolling basis. Please send a CV and statement of interest to Jenna Hornsby, at jenna@abrahampath.org.


Each year, Abraham Path Initiative offers a limited number of stimulating professional internships, which offer the opportunity to be part of the exciting and dynamic work of developing the Abraham Path. Interns gain valuable professional experience working in a diverse environment in the Middle East. As a small organization, interns become an integral part of the API team and are able to try their hand at a variety of tasks and skills working side-by-side with long-term team members and local partners.

The main work areas for interns are graphic design, trail development, research & writing, and grant writing & fundraising. Most internships last for 2-6 months, and can be based either in the Middle East, US or Europe, depending on the tasks.

To apply, send a cover letter and CV to info@abrahampath.org.

Graphic Design:

  • Create social media posts which connect with current Abraham Path followers and attract new ones
  • Design brochures and tour information that is eye-catching and useful
  • Assist with updating website and improving website content and functionality

Research and Writing:

  • Research historical and cultural sites along the Abraham Path and write content and take photos that can be used on the Abraham Path website and in marketing materials.
  • Interview local stakeholders and write profiles for the Abraham Path website and marketing materials.
  • Participate in Abraham Path walks and other activities, to keep stats on participation numbers and to administer surveys and interviews
  • Write blog posts about Abraham Path activities or stories from along the path

Grant Writing and Fundraising:

  • Help to identify potential funders for the Abraham Path
  • Work with the Jerusalem team and local partners to identify needs along the path

Trail Development

  • Help with scouting new routes and recording data by GPS and note taking
  • Assist with developing trail development protocols and handbook
  • Work with quality assurance feedback for hiker resources along the path (accommodations, guides, etc.)

Expressions of Interest* for Services of Experts and Support Personnel

With a view to scale up its assistance to local partners in the region as well as to deepen research and analysis of hiking, rural tourism and community development, the Abraham Path Initiative is looking for qualified individuals, firms and organizations with unique skills, demonstrated experience and a passion for the following subject areas:

Research and Analysis

  • Field research expertise with regard to socio-economic data and survey collection (qualitative and quantitative), and with a particular emphasis on Palestinian rural communities and community tourism.
  • Analytical expertise—in particular in the socioeconomic field—into the design, impact and feasibility of rural and community tourism in the West Bank and Jordan.
  • Expertise in the design and implementation of research and technical assistance, with a particular emphasis on designing detailed Terms of Reference for research assignments by third parties.

Trail development and rural community tourism

  • Trail development expertise, including outdoor leadership skills, guiding experience, and understanding of GPS and GIS technologies.
  • Expertise in rural tourism development and marketing.

Capacity building for NGOs

  • Fundraising and project management expertise, in particular with NGOs in the West Bank and Jordan, and including training and capacity building for NGO staff.
  • Administrative and organizational management expertise, in particular with NGOs in the West Bank and Jordan.

Administrative assistance

  • Experience with administrative support and office management.

Please submit Expressions of Interest to jobs@abrahampath.org by means of a resume (individuals) or company/organization profile (companies and NGOs) and by indicating the relevant subject area in the subject line.

*API Expressions of Interest are not postings for job vacancies, internships or contracted assignments. They serve as a means to expand the database of expertise of the organization. API is not in a position to respond to each individual expression of interest.

The Abraham Path is a long-distance walking trail across the Middle East. The path retraces the cultural memory of the journey of Abraham and his family and celebrates its story of hospitality and kindness to strangers. The Abraham Path Initiative is an international organization cultivating the development of the path along with local and international partner organizations. The initiative is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization.